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Music Icon Award and Citation

Bonny Alves and Charmaine Blackman together with SSignal Productions were pleased and thankful for yet another recognition of their hard work in Music. Received was the Music Icon Award and Citation from the United Bridge Builders Mission and the office of the Mayor of New York.

To every one of you on this beautiful day – Blessed art thou πŸ™πŸ½
Ssignal Productions is proud to present the relaunch of Edmond “Chensing” Smith with this music video, Directed by Bonny Alves.
This is the 1st track from his first album The Prodigal Son, Arranged by Philip Nicols and recorded at Philglotan Recordibg Studio, NY.
Chensibg has been one of Guyana’s leading voices and after a period of inactivity is back to make his contribution to the music industry.We would like to thank k Dr. Rose October, who made significant contributions towards this endeavor.πŸ‘πŸ½