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Press Release 02/10/2023

Agriculture Month 2023

Agriculture month 2023 is being observed as Guyana undergoes significant transformation in the agriculture sector, as diversification takes place and Agri-investments are being made towards ensuring that the food security of the nation is maintained. Over the last few years Guyana has reemerged as a leader in agriculture across the CARICOM Region and has committed to the regional vision of reducing the high dependency on extra-regional imports by 25 percent by 2025.

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The CARICOM member states have so far achieved overall 57% of the target towards Vision 25 by 2025. However, there is more to be done over the next 2 years and it is to this end that Agriculture Month 2023 is being observed under the theme “Accelerating Vision 25 by 2025:
Investing in Agri-Business and Food Security”.
With Guyana being a key contributor to achieving Vision 25 by 2025 and poised to be the Food Hub of the CARICOM Region we are cognizant of the development that is needed in the agriculture sector. As such, approximately 4% of the national budget was allocated to agriculture in 2023 ($33.2B), a 150% increase from the 2019 allocation of $13.3 Billion. With a recent Supplementary Budget of G$8.5 billion taking it to approx. G$42 Million.
Increasing production and transforming our agri-food system with food security being the primary focus, requires significant investment and as such we are open to fostering partnerships with both regional and international financial Institutions and investors to address the concern of food security and the threat of climate change.
Our government will continue to invest in every facet of the agriculture sector by continuing to expand cultivation and production to reduce imports, increase exports and foster diversification while seeking to implement innovative measures to drive sustainable production.
The government continues to invest in opening up new agriculture lands, building farm-to-market roads, establishing modern farms, upgrading infrastructure, constructing agro-processing facilities and encouraging the production of non-traditional agricultural commodities. As all agriculture sub-sectors undertake transformational initiatives, the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors are projected to expand by 7.2 percent this year.
I invite every stakeholder to engage in the activities of agriculture month 2023 as we not only highlight current projects that are being undertaken but also showcase the areas of opportunity for further development of Guyana’s agri-food system.
As we commercialize the agriculture sector, let us work together to development the entire agri-food value chain and increase our competitive advantage through collaboration in ventures that links producers, processors, marketers, food service companies, retailers and shippers and suppliers. Let us collectively strive to achieve Guyana’s full agricultural potential.
Happy Agriculture Month 2023!